Certification Requirements FAQs

Where can I view the ASQE Testing Agreement?

The ASQE Testing Agreement is a legal agreement between certification candidates and ASQE. Please click here to view the full ASQE Testing agreement.

Where can I find the work experience requirements for each Certification?

To view the work experience requirements for ASQ Certification exams, visit the ASQ Certification catalog and identify your certification of interest.

I don’t have the required experience. Can I still get certified?

For those certifications with education waivers, you may waive some of the required work experience if you have a degree, diploma or certificate beyond high school.

Work experience must be in a full time, paid role. Paid intern, co-op or any other course work cannot be applied towards the work experience requirement.

If you do not have the education and work experience required to sit for a particular certification examination, you may obtain a partial refund of your examination fee by contacting ASQ. ASQE will not waive the examination requirements. If you are short on work experience, you may sit for the next exam, as long as you meet the requirement by the time you apply for the exam.

What is the definition of a Six Sigma Project?

Six Sigma is defined as a method for reducing variation in manufacturing, service or other business processes. Six Sigma projects measure the cost benefit of improving processes that are producing substandard products or services. Whether in manufacturing or service industries, such projects quantify the effect of process changes on delays or rework. The goal of each successful Six Sigma project is to produce statistically significant improvements in a process: Over time, multiple Six Sigma projects produce virtually defect-free performance.

The Six Sigma Black Belt project is one that uses appropriate tools within a Six Sigma approach to produce breakthrough performance and real financial benefit to an operating business or company.

The tools are generic. It is the structure of the project and the associated process (improvement model) that distinguish a Black Belt project from other similar quality improvement projects. Financial impact as an outcome is also a requirement within a Black Belt project when compared to other projects.

The following examples are not all-inclusive, but will provide examples of acceptable and unacceptable projects.

Examples of projects that qualify:

  • Manufacturing product defect reduction.
  • Human resources recruitment cycle time reduction.
  • Reduced accounts payable invoice processing costs.
  • Reduced Manufacturing machine setup time.

Projects that do not qualify:

  • Prepackaged or classroom exercise that are mock, or simulated projects that were previously completed and/or that do not include actual “hands on” work.
  • No real organization or business unit; no current problem or cost benefit.
  • Basic product improvement projects not associated with process improvements.
  • Software maintenance or remediation without detailed process measurements.
  • Any project without measured before-and-after cost benefits.
What are some common questions about submitting a Six Sigma Project Affidavit?

Download a Six Sigma Black Belt Affidavit (PDF, 45 KB)

What if I do not have a completed a Six Sigma Black Belt Project?

A Six Sigma Black Belt project is required. If you have not completed a project you are not eligible to sit for the exam.

Can I submit a project I completed more than two years ago?

Yes, as long as the project utilized the Six Sigma tools and methodologies, it is acceptable.

I am in the process of completing a Six Sigma Black Belt project, can I still apply for the exam?

Yes you can apply, but your completed project affidavit(s) must be received at ASQE headquarters within one week of our receipt of your application and fees. Your application will be placed on HOLD status until we receive your affidavit(s). The affidavit(s) must be completed by your project champion. As the applicant, it is your responsibility to send the completed affidavit(s) to ASQE. If we do not receive your affidavit(s) within the required timeframe, your application will be cancelled and a partial refund will be sent to you (less the application fee).

Can I submit my affidavit for review prior to applying for the exam?

No, affidavits received without an application form and fees will not be reviewed prior to your applying for the exam.

Does ASQE need the original signed copy of my project affidavit?

No, you may fax or e-mail your signed affidavit(s) to fax number 414-298-2500 or to cert@asq.org within one week of submitting your application.

I am unable to contact my project champion or he/she is no longer employed at the company. What should I do?

It is your responsibility to have your project champion complete and sign the project affidavit. Affidavits will not be accepted if they are not signed by a project champion.
If you are unable to locate your project champion, a member of upper management at the company may sign the affidavit in your project champion's place, provided the individual is able to verify the contents of the affidavit are correct.

I did a Six Sigma Black Belt project at a company that I am no longer employed or the champion is at a different location. What should I do?

You may fax or e-mail a copy of the affidavit form to the champion. Please then have the champion send the signed form directly to ASQE by mail, fax or e-mail.

Download a Six Sigma Black Belt Affidavit

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