What are some test-taking tips?

Test-takers are advised to keep in mind these general pointers about taking exams:

  • Read each question thoroughly. Don't assume you know what's being asked.
  • Eliminate implausible answers and move quickly past the obviously wrong choices.
  • Keep in mind that an answer may be a correct statement in itself but may not answer the question. Two answers may say exactly the opposite things or may be very similar. Read them again to decide what makes one correct and the other wrong.
  • ASQ does not subtract points for incorrect answers. Answer every question. There is no penalty for guessing, and you have a 25% chance of getting it right.
  • Go through and answer the questions you know. Then go through and read the ones you're unsure of. Mark those you're still uncomfortable with. You will narrow the field down to just a few questions you will need to spend more time on. These are the questions you might want to use your reference books for.
  • Be aware of the time available for the exam and the remaining time as you work through the exam.


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