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Appeal Policy

Appeal Submission

Any applicant, candidate, or certified person can appeal any decision made by ASQE Certification related to their desired certification status. In order for an appeal to be considered, a completed Appeal Form with supporting evidence must be submitted to cert@asq.org within 30 days of the Certification decision occurrence and include (1) Name, (2) Customer ID (if applicable), (3) Email address, (4) Telephone number (if applicable), and (5) Details regarding a specific Certification decision and any related evidence. Examples of decisions that could be appealed include but are not limited to:

  • Exam Eligibility Declined
    • An applicant who is deemed ineligible to take an exam may submit an appeal for eligibility reconsideration. The applicant must provide rationale and evidence supporting their eligibility.

  • Recertification Application Declined
    • An applicant who is denied recertification may submit an appeal for reconsideration. The applicant must provide evidence and documentation supporting their claim for recertification.

  • Unsuccessful Exam Outcome
    • If a candidate has a substantiated reason to believe their exam was scored incorrectly due to a technical error or if there is an inaccuracy within exam content, they can submit an appeal of their exam outcome. Certification staff will review and investigate the claim in the appeal. Under no circumstances will ASQE provide candidates with detailed item information or a copy of their exam attempt/responses.

    Review of Appeal

    ASQE will not overturn an unsuccessful exam outcome and award a pass outcome (1) on the basis of experience, training, performance, (2) due to technical or environmental issues experienced during an exam attempt, (3) due to disagreement regarding the format or length of an exam, or (4) for any other reason except achieving a passing score on the respective ASQ Certification exam.

    Upon receipt of the appeal, a certification staff member will acknowledge within five business days to the submitter (via email) that the appeal was received. For an appeal to be processed, the appeal must cite a specific certification decision and be submitted within 30 days of the decision's occurrence. At any time after receiving the notice of the appeal and before deciding the appeal, ASQE may request that the appellant provide additional information. Notification of the resulting appeal decision shall be provided within 30 days via email. The resulting appeal decision is final.

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